Jonathan F. Slade
writer, director, producer, editor

Micro-budget 16mm indie film production.
Slade on location with Arri SR and battery belt. 2007

Cinematographer Bob Sapora with Novia Campbell.
Along the Gunpowder River. 2007

Coming 2015. 
Micro-budget independent feature film shot in Maryland and Pennsylvania. (100 min. fiction 16mm)


Slade and audio recordist Gordon Master. 2007.


"Electric Road Trip" (2014) Writer, director, producer, editor. Tags along with Slade and his wife Novia Campbell as they attempt to drive a fully electric vehicle all the way across the state of Maryland using only the public and private charging stations available to the average consumer. Informative and entertaining, the program hopes to spark conversations about how transporation infrastructure needs to evolve in the 21st century. [60 min, documentary, Maryland Public TV] Also, author of the companion text: "The Electric Road Trip Begins."

"Historic Barns of Maryland" (2012) Writer, director, producer, editor. Examines the architectural, cultural, and historical significance of barns in Maryland, featuring wooden, stone, and brick structures from around the state. [60 min, documentary, Maryland Public TV] Also, author of the companion text: "Barns of My Childhood."
“Eatin’ Crabs: Chesapeake Style” (2008) Writer, producer, editor. Features watermen, restaurateurs, and factory owners whose living depends on the Chesapeake Bay blue crab. Premiered April 21, 2008 on Maryland Public Television, and became the most watched program on the station's 2008 Chesapeake Bay Week. Recipient of 2008 National Capital Chesapeake Bay Emmy Awards. [30 min, documentary, Maryland Public TV]

"Cinder" (2015) Writer, director, producer, editor. Abandoned in the back country in her wedding dress with no cell phone, no money, and no way home, a young city trauma nurse (Novia Campbell) quickly becomes part of a remote community in need of her medical skills. [100 min, drama, RUdoneYETfilms]

"Forest for the Trees" (1998) Writer, director, producer, editor. Stressed out law student  Zach McAllister (Patrick Egan) takes a five day bicycle trip through the peaceful autumn woods of Western Maryland with his wife, his lover, and his lover's boyfriend.  Not exactly the getaway vacation he planned. Along the way, they encounter everything you'd expect on a camping trip ‑‑ rain, infidelity, and the realization that a truly healthy relationship is just about impossible to find. HARRISBURG'S PATRIOT NEWS called it a "Not to be missed... triumph of talent over budget... in this contemporary answer to THE BIG CHILL." BALTIMORE'S CITY PAPER called it "An indie film in the most classic sense... A sincere, insightful exploration of love, friendship, and (in)fidelity... Engaging and ambitiously realized. It's worth seeing."  [100 min, drama, RUdoneYETfilms]
"Vid Kid: Water, Water, Everywhere" (2002) Writer, director, editor.   Children's host Bob the Vid Tech (Bob Heck) shrinks himself and traces water from the drain of his kitchen sink all the way out to the bay in order to learn why Sid the Vid Fish -- who recently returned from a bay vacation -- is suddenly ill. A "fantastic voyage" designed to help Vid Kids understand the importance of clean water. Recipient of 2002 National Capital Chesapeake Bay Emmy Awards. [30 min, children's show, Maryland Public TV]
"Vid Kid: Music to My Ears"(2001) Writer, director, editor. During a Vid Tech family jam session, children's host Bob the Vid Tech realizes he's the only one who doesn't know how to play a musical instrument. After some high energy, hands-on tutoring by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, Bob suddenly wants to play ALL the instruments AT ONCE! Is there any way he can? [30 min, children's show, Maryland Public TV]
"Vid Kid: Blast into Space" (2000) Writer, director, editor. When Bob the Vid Tech's twin brother Biff accidentally teleports himself onto the International Space Station, it's up to Bob to learn everything he can about outer space before hopping aboard the shuttle to bring his brother home. Recipient of 2000 National Capital Chesapeake Bay Emmy Awards. [30 min, children's show, Maryland Public TV]
"Vid Kid: Meeting the Challenge" (1998) Writer, director, editor. Host Bob the Vid Tech meets a group of very special Vid Kids ‑‑ children with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities ‑‑ and tags along with them as they build muscles and self‑esteem by horseback  riding, camping and sailing.  30 min.  Nomination for 1998 National Capital Chesapeake Bay Emmy Awards [30 min, children's show, Maryland Public TV]

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